The Bikenam Story

Bikenam Vietnam Motorbike Tours is Vietnam’s premier quality motorbike tour provider. Bikenam is strategically based in South East Asia. Bikenam have extensive experience in providing high-quality, competitively priced motorbike tours and caters to travelers with any budget size, from luxury to budget options.

Our tours are carefully selected by Dolf Du Plessis, a South African motorbike enthusiast and experienced world traveler. Having motorcycled and even bicycled the length and breadth of Vietnam countless times we have become very experienced hosts in Vietnam. Using our knowledge of Vietnam along with our excellent Vietnamese partners we craft unique tour experiences in Vietnam. Check out what our previous clients have had to say about our unforgettable motorbike adventures.

Our goal is simple – to provide you with the experience of a lifetime at very competitive prices.

Our Tours

Our tours are all-inclusive and run all-year-round. The duration of our tours range from 6 tours to 15 day tours. We provide tours for all budget sizes – from the luxury adventure traveler to the student looking for adventure on the cheap – we’ve got you covered! See our tours page for more about our motorbike tours.

Our customers are people from all walks of life. We have hosted solo riders, adventure couples, big families, motorbike clubs and groups of friends.

Group sizes we specialise in intimate small group tours to ensure that every tour is unique.

All-Inclusive Adventures

What’s included in all of Bikenam’s motorbike tours.


Our tours are all-inclusive. So you don’t have to worry about hiring motorbikes, booking accommodation, organising breakfast or booking domestic flights and buses.


Bikenam uses expert bilingual guides who are there for you every step of the way.


Bikenam applies strict quality standards for all our accommodation. Just because you’re traveling by motorbike doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy luxury at the end of the day.

Route Planning

Bikenam’s experienced guides have meticulously crafted our routes so that you see the best of the best Vietnam has to offer.


Bikenam’s prizes the quality of its tours and the satisfaction of its customers above all else. We apply the strictest quality requirements to all aspects of our tours.


For Bikenam safety is non-negotiable. We only make use of modern, expertly-serviced motorbikes, experienced guides and provide modern safety equipment to each rider. Over and above this we also provide an in-depth introduction on riding in Vietnam to all of our clients.

Our tours

Browse through our list of tours to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Classic Tour

Dates: Fixed | Custom
Duration: 11 days/10 nights which include 7 days of motorbiking
Minimum group size: none

The Classic Tour is for the motorbike enthusiast who wants to be in the saddle. The tour takes your from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and includes intense riding through some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour

Dates: Fixed | Custom
Duration: 15 days/14 nights
Minimum group size: none

This motorcycling trip leads you from North to South Vietnam along the Ho Chi Minh Trail – a legend of the Vietnam war. The trail offers amazing scenery and awesome riding experiences. The ride starts up at Mai Chau valley and snakes down the trail passing famous Phong Nha cave and well-known DMZ including Ben Hai bridge, Dong Ha, two UNESCO World Heritage sites of Hue and Hoi an. We will ride through the beautiful plantations of  the Central Highlands with many historical sites from the Vietnam American war before enjoying a refreshing mountain retreat in Dalat. Continuing this breathtaking ride in the South of Vietnam we go to Mui ne, enjoy the beach here before ending up at the bustling Saigon.

North Eastern Loop

Dates: Fixed | Custom
Duration: 4 nights/5 days
Minimum group size: none

This motorbiking adventure will take you to one of the 4 greatest mountainous passes of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng with a height over 1500m above sea level before arriving at Ba Be Lake – the biggest lake in North Vietnam. The tour will visit the northern most point in Vietnam, Lung Cu flag point. These stunning destinations are connected by challenging roads offering the best rides as well as awesome off-road experiences.

Northern Loop

Dates: Fixed | Custom
Duration: 5 days/4 nights
Minimum group size: none

This motorbike tour covers all the highlights of North Vietnam. We’ll be motorbiking up and down the hills to Mai Chau valley, Sapa town, and Ha Giang plateau, to name but a few.
Experience breathtaking rides over O Quy Ho Pass and several challenging off-road rides in Moc Chau, Than Uyen. The trip ends up with a beautiful boat trip in Ba Be Lake – the biggest natural lake in North Vietnam. Terrace fields, breath taking nature, colorful ethnic markets and unique culture are all things you can expect on this trip.

North Western Loop

Dates: Fixed | Custom
Duration: 5 days/4 nights
Minimum group size: none

Experience the beauty of Sapa and the North Western Highlands. Ride your motorbike along the winding valleys and admire the extraordinary views as you are surrounded by the primordial forests of this untouched wonder.

Highlights of this motorcycle tour include the magnificent roads surrounded by terrace fields on the way to the Mai Chau valley, the beautiful tea plantations in Moc Chau highland and going off the beaten track before reaching to the famous town on the mountain – Sapa. The stunning views of terrace fields, plantations, valleys and colorful ethnic culture, are all blended spectacularly in a single trip.

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