Who we are

Bikenam Pty Ltd is a tour agent specialising in motorcycle and bicycle tours that visit every corner of Vietnam. Bikenam was founded by Dolf Du Plessis and Jacobus Du Plessis in 2016 out of a love for adventure travel.

What we do

Bikenam provides high quality all-inclusive motorbike tours to travelers from all over the world. All you have to do is select your preferred route and start preparing for a massive adventure and we’ll do the rest.


We take professionalism very seriously and our tour guides maintain the utmost level of professionalism throughout all of our tours.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is what sets us apart. We guarantee that our tours will be of the finest quality. We constantly listen to your concerns and provide assistance wherever it may be needed.

Ethical Business Practices

Bikenam maintains only the most ethical of practices. Our goal is that all our customers and the people of Vietnam benefit from our tours. Fair and ethical prices are paid for all services Bikenam uses in Vietnam.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal and our guarantee is that you will have the trip of a lifetime with Bikenam. We won’t be happy unless you finish our tours with a massive smile on your face.

Our Team

Dolf Du Plessis

Dolf Du Plessis is the founder of Bikenam. Having explored every corner of Vietnam by motorbike and bicycle he has a love for Vietnam...

Jacobus Du Plessis

Jacobus Du Plessis has travelled extensively in Asia and has been living in East Asia and South East Asia for four years. He co-founded...

Divan Du Plessis
Social Media Manager

Divan Du Plessis is responsible for Bikenam’s excellent customer service and social media marketing presence.

Michelle Hobbs Montgomery
Thailand Marketing

Social Media Manager Thailand Marketing Michelle has travelled extensively and has a love and passion for people, bicycles, dogs and great adventures!

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