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Ba VI national park is located roughly 60km from Hanoi. It’s possible to reach the park by bus but exploring the park is much more enjoyable if you have your own transportation such as a motorbike. Driving from Hanoi itself to the park is rather uneventful if you discount the fear-inducing Hanoi traffic. The traffic and the speed limits of the roads to the park cause your travel time to be about one and a half hours if you’re lucky. Ba Vi can be a day trip or you can spend the night. If you choose the latter you have a few options. Around the outside of park itself, there are various hotels, homestays and camping grounds. I myself opted for the camping but in typical Vietnamese fashion, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

When we checked into the resort we were simply given a tent and some blankets, which isn’t that bad although it could’ve been better. The unexpected but not surprising thing that happened is what made it so distinctly Vietnamese. Very near our mountaintop campsite, there was a karaoke party going on. Bad karaoke singing was blared out at high volume for quite a while. This was hilarious at first but it did lessen the impact of the spectacular views. But despite this, there are many other camping sites that probably don’t have karaoke parties.





There are quite a few things to do and see in the park. There are various hiking trails in the park one of which has a waterfall where you can swim the others have mountain peaks to climb. But the most popular attraction in the park beside nature is the Ho Chi Minh temple. The temple is located on top of a mountain and boasts some spectacular views. It takes about 25 minutes to hike to the top but on a clear day, it is well worth it. Unfortunately when we visited the views were mostly obstructed by a dense fog. The park is definitely more of a one day experience as it doesn’t have as much to see and do as other national parks in Vietnam.



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