Can you stomach it? Vietnam’s strangest foods.

  • Posted by Jacobus Du Plessis
  • On February 3, 2017

Vietnam is famous for its delicious food. You can find thousands of cooking books telling you about all the delicacies, but here are a couple delicacies that you won’t usually find in your cook books.

1. Grilled Squid Mouth

Known locally as răng mực nướng, this bit of unique cuisine is deceptively tasty. Formed in the shape of a small ball with a bit of the squid’s beak protruding it is usually skewered and grilled for your enjoyment.


2. Snake & Scorpion Wine

This is the standard Vietnamese variety of rice wine with an added snake or scorpion of your choice. Considered as an all round pleasant drink this delicacy is drunk both socially and for medicinal reasons. The snake’s venom mixes with the high alcohol content (and we mean high, this stuff is potent) and is neutralised. From this potent mixture is said to come many health benefits. We’ll leave up to you to decide.

3. Insects

Generally considered to be light snack to be enjoyed alongside a beer these delicious little bites are not for everyone. The Vietnamese prepare a wide variety of different bugs for food, but crickets are by far the common man’s favourite in our experience. Despite their look we guarantee you they make for some tasty snacking if you can get over the idea of eating an insect.



4. Raw Blood Soup

This dish usually consists of fresh blood from one of a choice of animals (pigs, goats, chicken etc.) mixed with pieces of cartilage and fresh mixed herbs. If left for a little while it lightly congeals for extra flavour and texture. It is a favourite for breakfast and also during drinking parties. Protein rich and full of vitamins and minerals some may even call it healthy?


5. BBQ Mouse

Need we say more? Barbecued mouse prepared the way you like it. “Medium rare, you say? Coming right up!”


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Can you stomach it? Vietnam’s strangest foods.

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