WeirdNam. The 5 strangest things to do in Vietnam

  • Posted by Jacobus Du Plessis
  • On February 3, 2017

As countries go, Vietnam can get a little strange at times, but these 5 things are so weird they need to seen (or tasted) to be believed.


1. Le Mat Snake Village

The name only tells half of the story. This village is a literal snake buffet (uhm… sounds appetizing). The village on the outskirts of Hanoi serves up every kind of dish imaginable and every beverage possible with snake as the key ingredient. Snake wine, snake soup, snake stir-fry… you get the picture. For the connoisseurs amongst you, you can choose your own snake (freshness is key?) which will then be used to prepare your meal. Fancy drinking/eating the beating heart of a snake in a glass of rice wine? Well, bon appetit, we suppose.

2. Weasel Coffee

Fresh steaming coffee that’s been through the finest digestive tracts in all of Vietnam. If that doesn’t whet your taste buds we don’t know what would. The weasel eats the coffee berries and then later produces a neat little coffee cluster which is said to greatly enhance the flavor (and the smell?) of the coffee. Once collected these little steamy coffee clusters are washed and processed before being served to you as what is in all seriousness some of the finest coffee in the world.

3. Suoi Tien Cultural Park

Have you ever wanted to: slide down a 12 storey Buddhist sage’s beard? Marvel at a massive rotating frog sculpture? Feed 1,500 crocodiles with meat hanging from a fishing rod? Go into a terrifying house of horrors euphemistically called the ‘Palace of Unicorns’? Well now you can! Vietnam’s unique brand of Buddhism is now replete with its own water theme park called Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park and it’s cool, really cool. The whole theme park is filled with Vietnamese Buddhist imagery and most of it is done on absolutely epic scale. Prepare to be amazed and weirded ou

4. Am Phu Cave

Have you ever done anything so bad that you got sent to Buddhist hell? Neither have we, but now you can skip all the formalities and go there for only a small entrance fee. Am Phu Cave is a representation of what Buddhist Hell is like and we can tell you it ain’t pretty. There is a large amount of demons about, a light sprinkle of disembowelment, a dash of flogging and even some ‘sawing in twain’. The cave is large and filled with all manner of sculptures depicting your unfortunate destination if you don’t behave. You have to see this.

Ho Thuy Tien

​Okay, maybe it is a bit of a stretch to call it Vietnam’s Cher nobyl seeing as there was no nuclear explosion whatsoever, but the abandoned and decrepit theme park reminds you of the abandoned nuclear wasteland Chernobyl. Originally opened in 2004 with much fanfare and an enormous price tag of $3 million USD the fun was not to last. The park’s business struggled and eventually closed down having been abandoned since. Today you can stroll around the post-apocalyptic park and stare at the eerie abandoned rides and attractions. Stay out of the water though because the crocodiles that were part of the theme park display never left.


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WeirdNam. The 5 strangest things to do in Vietnam

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